Have You Tried Everything to Relieve Your Pain . . . but You’re Still Hurting?

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Retrain Your Brain to Stop Pain!

A New Approach to Curing Chronic Headaches

The new approach of one Littleton based physical therapist may provide the answer for those of you suffering from chronic headaches. Physical therapist Scott Musgrave performs specialized treatments that focus upon balancing your nervous system and restoring harmony between your body and brain. Many factors have been identified that can cause headaches including poor posture, […]

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New Therapy uses Reflexes to Rapidly Relieve Pain

New therapy uses reflexes to rapidly relieve pain without medications. For folks who have tried traditional pain therapies without results, there may be hope in the form of a new treatment approach, called Primal Reflex Release Technique. The body often reacts reflexively to stress, trauma and pain creating patterns of protection. These persistent protective patterns […]

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Peak Performance for Your Golf Game

Can you hear the faint but unmistakable calling of your golf clubs from the closet? Are your dreams turning to long, straight drives on a sun-laden fairway? Spring is just around the corner, and many die-hard golfers are itching at their tees to get out on the course this season. Strolling through a local golf […]Read the entire article »

If you would like to become a Wellness and Performance Associate so you can offer


in your own practice,

Contact Scott.

Musgrave Wellness and Performance
8340 South Sangre De Cristo Road, Suite 202
Littleton, CO 80127
303-932-1101 / 303-932-0331 (fax)

"I’ll be honest with you, before I met Scott and went through all of this, if somebody would have told me about this I would never have believed these kind of results were possible. But after working with Scott and learning to use his techniques, it really does make a huge difference. I’m getting ready to return back to work and I plan on using these techniques for the rest of my life!"
D.D. Elizabeth, CO

Are You Suffering From Pain? Do You Feel Like You’ve Tried EVERYTHING To Find Relief? Are You Experiencing Anxiety, Depression Or A Sense Of Helplessness And/Or Hopelessness Due To Your Pain? Are You Tired Of Risking The Potentially Dangerous Side Effects Of Taking Pills To Mask Your Chronic Pain? Are You Ready To Take Action For Yourself? If you are suffering from pain and are ready to take action to make a change, then you are definitely in the RIGHT PLACE. Hi, I’m Scott Musgrave. I’ve been on the front lines in the war against pain for over a decade, and through my broad experiences and expertise, I’ve been able to create a treatment process that continues to produce results BEYOND MY WILDEST EXPECTATIONS! There IS An Alternative To Taking Pills And Dealing With The Pain. It’s called: REFLEXERCISE(TM) Reflexercise(TM) is a tool that is Simple to Apply (anyone can do it), and is very Powerful in its Effectiveness in Treating Pain. Are you ready to start taking back control of your life?

P.O. Box 1223, Conifer, CO 80433
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Ask Grizzly Gus

Dear Grizzly Gus:
I'm hoping you can settle an argument. While I'll admit I've gotten most of my ideas for my stories from my companion, I'm the one who has had to do all the writing, typing, proofreading, and mailing to publishers. Now when I'm starting to get published, my poodle Snookums is demanding I list her as co-author on these works. We got into a heated argument and now she's not talking. I want to be fair, but don't you think she's crazy believing she's entitled to half the rights to these stories?
Signed: Deborah 'being dogged,' in Denver, CO.

Dear Deborah:
Even if Snookums isn't entitled to half the rights to these stories, you need to recognize her as a contributor and I do believe she's entitled to some compensation - you might 'throw-her-a- few-bones,' as the saying goes. I seriously doubt she'd take you to court though she might chew up a pair of your shoes.
As to you poodle's noodle - the latest school of thought is that dogs do share the same personality traits as their owners. My pooch for example is an underachiever, only wanting to be fed and have their belly rubbed, just like me. Based on your letter I'd say you should get your crazy canine to a mental health center as soon as possible and be sure and sit in on all the sessions yourself.
Signed: Grizzly 'dog-gone' Gus.

Book Review

This month we review Paul Wagner's new murder mystery, Always a Cop -the story of three retired cops who just can't give up the badge.

Bestseller Launches

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