Long Story Short January 2011 Newsletter

February 4, 2011 at 2:59 pm Leave a comment

Long Story Short Newsletter
January 2011
Issue 90 

Editors’ Corner 

Linda Barnett-Johnson – Linda lost her beloved sister to a sudden health event and is trying to adjust. Keep her in your prayers.

Denise Cassino – Happy New Year! I love when the year rolls over and we all start fresh! It even seems to look different outside, all bright and shiny. Each day grows a minute longer and spring seems just around the corner. Have a great writing year!

Amy S. Pacini – Over the Christmas holidays, I enjoyed a fun and relaxing vacation with family and friends in the snow belt of Western New York. Now, I am back in sunny Florida and ready to begin a brand new year in 2011. The new year is a time for refreshing resolutions, renewed hope, overflowing joy, and universal peace. It is a time to transform trials into triumphs, stumbling blocks into stepping stones, confusion into clarity, and incredible ideas into ingenious innovation. It is a time for discovering new opportunities, setting achievable goals, striving toward spectacular success, and daring to live our dazzling dreams. As we enter 2011, let us enthusiastically emerge forth with perceptive purpose, creative courage, and artistic ardor. I look forward to receiving a creative cascade of inspiring poetry from our worldwide writers this year. Wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!


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dencassino@gmail.com sent you a Happy Holidays and New Years Card for you! dencassino@gmail.com sent you a Chinese New Years Card for you!

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Ask Grizzly Gus

Dear Grizzly Gus:
I'm hoping you can settle an argument. While I'll admit I've gotten most of my ideas for my stories from my companion, I'm the one who has had to do all the writing, typing, proofreading, and mailing to publishers. Now when I'm starting to get published, my poodle Snookums is demanding I list her as co-author on these works. We got into a heated argument and now she's not talking. I want to be fair, but don't you think she's crazy believing she's entitled to half the rights to these stories?
Signed: Deborah 'being dogged,' in Denver, CO.

Dear Deborah:
Even if Snookums isn't entitled to half the rights to these stories, you need to recognize her as a contributor and I do believe she's entitled to some compensation - you might 'throw-her-a- few-bones,' as the saying goes. I seriously doubt she'd take you to court though she might chew up a pair of your shoes.
As to you poodle's noodle - the latest school of thought is that dogs do share the same personality traits as their owners. My pooch for example is an underachiever, only wanting to be fed and have their belly rubbed, just like me. Based on your letter I'd say you should get your crazy canine to a mental health center as soon as possible and be sure and sit in on all the sessions yourself.
Signed: Grizzly 'dog-gone' Gus.

Book Review

This month we review Paul Wagner's new murder mystery, Always a Cop -the story of three retired cops who just can't give up the badge.

Bestseller Launches

On April 22, Denise will launch Intensive Care for the Nurturer's Soul by Hueina Su - drop by and purchase a book - you'll receive scores of additional bonus gifts when you do! http://nurturerssoullaunch.homestead.com/bookpromo.html

Other Stuff:

We're accepting submissions - please submit! CHECK IT OUT: Denise Cassino & Dr. Anna Maria Prezio have created a 9-part audio series, Your #1 Bestseller to teach you how to do your own Amazon Bestseller campaign. My Bestseller Launch Visit the Spirit of the Season Catalog www.spiritoftheseasoncatalog.com Unusual Gifts that will be remembered. Still time to put your books/products in the catalog for the next quarter. Contact Denise. LSS offers membership in our Writers' Lodge where you can have a personal webpage to promote your work, including your bio, photo, comments, published work links and much more - check it out. ADVERTISE IN OUR NEWSLETTER! $25 for 2 issues or $55 for 5 issues!


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